Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wandering State Street

Many of our guests arrive after a long drive, and often ask for a suggested short walk just to unwind. We suggest a stroll down State St., only a block from the Inn. It is a great way to acclimate yourself as well as check out some of our local restaurants that are within  walking distance from the Inn.

Heading South on State St., the first place you see is Cantwell’s, a local delicatessen/market. Little bit of everything and a nice local wine selection. As you continue down the street, you start to get the Spanish feel of Santa Barbara because of all the red tile roofs and the architecture. On the left you will see the imposing structure the Trinity Episcopal Church, and if you have time try the Labyrinth in front of the Church. Next on your right is the famous Arlington Theater, which opened in 1931. First run movies and concerts are still played at this landmark.  Also in this block, check out the restaurant menus for Jane’s, Opal Restaurant and Bar, Downey’s, Carlitos Cafe and Cantina, Café Buenos Aires and many more.

Now you are at Victoria and State.  Go right or left if you want to check out more restaurants.  Here is your first Santa Barbara Starbucks too. Continuing down State and in the next block you’ll find the restaurants Arigato Sushi and Saigon Vietnamese. Ultimate Bagel and an ice cream store are also in this block.  You can’t miss the Granada Theater on your left, recently renovated and now home to The Santa Barbara Symphony.

The Santa Barbara Museum of Art is the next imposing building on your left and definitely worth a visit if you have the time.  On your right is the Victoria Court probably best known for the Soho Restaurant and Music Club, one of the few venues in Santa Barbara offering live music nightly.

Next on your stroll don’t miss the La Arcarda. It will be one of the highlights, as you wander through this mini mall. Petite Valentien, Café Shell and Jeannine’s are the restaurants here and of course our favorite wine store, the East Beach Wine Company, which is now offering daily tastings.

This is just a taste of State Street for our guests and we have walked only ½ mile from the Inn, but it is now time to head back to Santa Barbara’s finest bed and breakfast, the Cheshire Cat Inn for our wine hour, which is between 5 and 6PM.

Innkeeper Cheshire Cat Bed and Breakfast Inn